About AquaGuard

Patient Information

If you are a patient who is on long term IV therapy or recently had surgery or an orthopedic cast applied it is important that you keep the IV site, surgical site or cast dry to minimize the chances of infection and post-operative complications. Typical home remedies like garbage bags and tape or plastic wrap are not effective for keeping sites dry when showering. Frequent use of tape and medical adhesives can create additional complications associated with localized skin irritation and allergic reactions. If your dressing gets wet or develops redness and swelling around the site you should contact your doctor immediately.

Everyone would like to shower after their procedure. Ask your doctor if you are allowed to shower using a moisture barrier medical device that is specifically designed to keep dressings and wound sites dry when patients shower. Take care to read labels and choose products that are designed for medical use and manufactured at FDA approved facilities.

AquaGuard products are recommended by clinicians at major medical centers and hospitals and used by millions of patients a year.

Shower with Confidence

Every day, clinicians and patients like you are faced with the challenge of protecting dressings and wounds from infection-causing moisture while maintaining a regular showering routine. Make-shift methods—like plastic-wrap or plastic bags—are cumbersome to use and, all too often, ineffective.

The AquaGuard family of moisture barriers protect surgical incisions, intravenous (IV) sites, catheters, PICC lines, and other dressings from water and moisture while you shower, reducing the risk of infection and reducing costs.

Easy to Apply, Comfortable to Use

With several sizes and shapes (see catalog) to choose from, simply pick an AquaGuard large enough to completely cover the affected area, remove the adhesive backing, and apply. AquaGuard features a specially designed medical adhesive that effectively protects the area from water while you shower and is gentle upon removal. Plus, AquaGuard is both Latex and DEHP-free.

Introducing the AquaGuard Glove & Boot

Now it's easier than ever to protect upper and lower extremities with the new AquaGuard Glove and AquaGuard Boot. The AquaGuard Glove & Boot are easily self-applied and promote patient independence. With the Glove the patient will maintain a complete range of motion in the elbow, wrist and fingers, while protecting casts, wound dressings and intravenous sites from water and moisture. The Boot allows for a complete range of motion in the knee and ankle while protecting orthopedic casts and lower extremity wounds, dressings and surgery sites. The uniquely designed, reusable Water-Seal Band™ is patient friendly and easy to secure and remove.

Made in the USA, Quality Assured

AquaGuard is the only moisture barrier product line made in the United States at an FDA-registered facility. Certified to ISO 13485: 2003 standards for medical devices, AquaGuard adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the highest levels of product safety and quality.