The AquaGuard sheet is a waterproof disposable moisture barrier which keeps sites, wounds and dressings dry while the patient showers. AquaGuard provides millions of safe showers in hospitals and homes each year.

AquaGuard features a specially designed medical adhesive that effectively protects the area from water while you shower and is gentle during removal.

The 7x22 AquaGuard is the perfect size to protect:

  • Back Surgery Sites
  • Long Narrow Surgery Sites
  • Sternotomies

The actual area of coverage is 5" x 20" (12.5 x 50.5 mm). Please measure your site/dressing to make sure it fits within the actual area of coverage. One sheet is needed for each shower.

For additional sizes of AquaGuard please visit our catalog page.

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Item #: 50022
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