The AquaGuard sheet is a waterproof disposable moisture barrier which keeps sites, wounds and dressings dry while the patient showers. AquaGuard provides millions of safe showers in hospitals and homes each year.

AquaGuard features a specially designed medical adhesive that effectively protects the area from water while you shower and is gentle during removal.

The 9x9 AquaGuard is the perfect size to protect:

  • PICC Lines
  • Hickman Catheters
  • Ports
  • Stomas
  • Dialysis Lines
  • IJ Catheters

The actual area of coverage is 7" x 7.5" (18cm x 19cm). Please measure your site/dressing to make sure it fits within the actual area of coverage. One sheet is needed for each shower.

AquaGuard is available in both package and case quantities. The package contains 7 sheets, the case contains 98 sheets.

For additional sizes of AquaGuard please visit our catalog page.

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Item #: 50015
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