Frequently Asked Questions

Is AquaGuard safe for sensitive skin?

The AquaGuard adhesive is designed to be gentle on delicate skin. This is especially important when used on areas with thin skin, or with pediatric or geriatric patients. It is Latex and DEHP-free.

Does AquaGuard replace dressings?

AquaGuard is not a replacement for primary dressings, which are designed to keep intravenous and surgical sites clean and free of infection. However, sterile dressings are not waterproof and therefore may get wet when showering. AquaGuard protects primary dressings and intravenous or surgical sites by keeping them dry during a shower.

How do I apply AquaGuard?

AquaGuard is easy to use. Here's how:

  1. Select an AquaGuard that is large enough to adhere to SKIN ONLY (not to wound, device or primary dressing).
  2. Clean and dry area to be covered. Remove one sheet from the plastic packaging. Bend the adhesive corners back to form "tabs".
  3. Remove the adhesive backing from the top or bottom of AquaGuard and apply to site. Press down firmly to adhere to skin.
  4. Remove adhesive backing from left and right sides of AquaGuard, making sure that the exposed adhesive does not touch your dressing or device. Press down firmly to adhere to skin. Pinch together excess material to form a pleat and fold to side to seal the material.
  5. Remove adhesive backing from the last side of AquaGuard and press down firmly, completing the coverage of your primary dressing or site. Pinch together excess material to form a pleat and fold to side to seal the material.
  6. Repeat pressure on all sides of adhesive as a final securing step.
  7. To remove, start at either the top left or right corner and gently peel AquaGuard down in the same direction as hair growth, being careful not to disturb the primary dressing or device.

How do I apply the AquaGuard Glove?

The AquaGuard Glove is easy to use. Here's how:

  1. Slide glove over area to be protected, leaving slack to allow arm movement.
  2. Slide Water-Seal Band™ over glove with loose end towards body.
  3. Position Water-Seal Band™ above bicep and pull loose end to tighten. Pulling tight will automatically lock band.
  4. Fold excess material over band to form cuff.
  5. After shower gently pat cuff and surrounding area dry before removal.
  6. Press and hold lever down to loosen buckle, then remove.

How much does AquaGuard cost?

AquaGuard is an affordable moisture barrier that replaces ineffective makeshift devices (plastic wrap or plastic bags and tape) or the time-consuming task of changing dressings after each shower. Several sizes and shapes are available to choose from, and specific pricing and sizing information is available in our catalog.

Can I swim with AquaGuard?

AquaGuard is intended for showering only. It is not recommended for swimming or submersion under water.

Where can I get AquaGuard?

Call 888-236-4944 Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm PST to order AquaGuard. A catalog of AquaGuard products including pricing and sizing information is available here. Clinicians may request a sample by contacting AquaGuard.