Who is talking about AquaGuard?

"I just got a new defibrillator installed and thanks to your product, I was able to take a shower and feel clean. It is a great product. Without AquaGuard® I'd still be doing the plastic wrap route and that didn't work. I really appreciate it."

— J. Blankenship, Patient

"A neighbor who is a nurse brought me a sample of AquaGuard® and I was sold. One does not appreciate taking a shower and washing one's hair all at the same time until you can't do it. Thank you so much!"

— C. Becker, Patient

"I am pleased to inform you that the University of Washington Medical Center has begun to use AquaGuard® hospital wide. AquaGuardis a unique offering and I'd like to see it made readily available to our patients."

— K. Kao, RN

"I am the mother of an active 14 year old son who happens to have type 1 diabetes. I also happen to be his diabetes educator and nurse! AquaGuard® is a clear dressing that enables one to see the cannula site clearly and offers an excellent barrier against moisture and water. This is a product I will continue to have my son use and certainly recommend to other users."

— D. Chasco, MSN, CCRN, CNS

"AquaGuard is used in hospitals to cover IV sites, wounds, etc. They are disposable and the very best ever made."

— K. Dutson, Sr. Case Manager

"On November 7th I had rotator cuff surgery and when I left the hospital they gave me a couple packages of AquaGuard®. I have had shoulder surgery before and I had to use duct tape and bread bags to cover the stitches while I showered. The 10"X12" AquaGuard that the hospital gave me were so easy and effective... PLEASE SEND MORE!!!!"

— M. Rohde, patient

"As a software test engineer, my testing instincts led me to give the AquaGuard® product a series of tough tests and I was very impressed with the product's performance. If only I had this product when I have been hospitalized in the past with other issues. I can remember all too well the hassles of nurses coming in with clear plastic wrap and tape to protect an IV line in an arm prior to showering!"

— K. McClintic, ostomy patient